A Budding Coder

A rising star on the coding horizon, Gurshaan Singh represented The Montessori School in the International Code Chef programming competition named STARTERS 87 and secured the 72nd rank. Gurshaan announced his arrival in the coding world with a perfect score of 400/400 in the qualifying round. His feat demands highest commendations as this competition had a colossal participation of more than 6Lac programmers not only from all over the world but also of all age groups including university level students. Beating such a humongous number of myriad competitors with the least time taken is no mean achievement. He has been awarded with the Certificates of Merit as a validation of his success. He is truly a child prodigy and the PRIDE OF THE MONTESSORI SCHOOL and now he is being pursued by various coding platforms offering him the due recognition and foothold in the programming world.

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