Grey shorts & TrousersGrey worsted trouser
White Shirt With School MonogramWhite worsted trouser
School Tie & beltGreen Pullover
Black Shoes + White socks with Green stripesGreen Blazer with School Monogram
Green patkas (for Sikh boys)Black shoes and Grey woolen socks.
Green Patkas (for Sikh boys)
Grey Pleated ShirtsGrey Worsted Trouser
White Shirt With School MonogramWhite Shirt With School Monogram
School Tie & beltSchool Tie & belt
Black Shoes + White Socks With Green stripesGreen Pullover
Green bands / RibbonsGreen Blazer with school Monogram
Black Shoes and Grey Woolen Socks.
On P.T. Days
T.shirt (house colour)School Track Suit
White sports /trouser / skirtsWhite canvas shoes + white socks
School beltWhite Patkas ( for sikh boys )
White canvas shoes, white socks.White bands / Ribbon for girls
White Patka (for Sikh boys)

Houses:- The students are divided into four houses

ARAVALI (Red)-         Through Courage To Victory

NEELGIRI (Blue)-          Ever Onward Ever Forward

VINDHYACHAL (Yellow)-        Fearless, Firm and Gallant

SHIVALIK (Green)-         Skill, Strength, Stamina

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