Science Labs are there to try out specific scientific information test principles and theories in Sciences to provide students with opportunities to learn and experiment for intellectual development and understanding.

Chemistry lab:
Provides the platform to nurture budding scientists. It is furnished with all apparatus like mortar and Pestle, triangles, crucibles beakers, burettes, funnels pipette along with Bunsen burners, Electronic weighing machine, a concealed gas line safety devices such as- fire extinguishers.

Physics lab:
To facilitate students to have hands on experience the flat topped tables to use as student workstation with all multiple arrangements. Equipments ranges screw gauge, lens, magnet ,glass prism, glass slab, voltmeter, ammeter and resistors to name a few.

Biology lab:
Laboratory apparatus ranging from simple slides, cover slips petri dish, test tubes to the composite microscope to observe samples and organisms closely to make even the smallest part of a single cell clear .

Music lab:
Fine performing art , our teachers are well trained in Carnatic and Hindustani music. School lab has instruments like keyboard ,Congo, guitar, tabla, tanpura etc along with rock band.

Dance lab:
The finer nuances of movements and different dances are taught in the lab. Accompanying audio assists the teacher to inculcate rhythm in the children. This is a place where creativity individuality and self expression through beautiful and accessible movements only we breed happy humans. Allowing them freedom of voice and expression.

Computer lab:
School computer lab comprises of Advanced computing devices imparting computer skills. Computer science is taught as a compulsory subject from class 1 to 8, the students of these classes are taught various software modules and operating system, for example: Scratch, MS Office , HTML. It is also an optional subject for classes 9 to 12 here students are taught data structure, digital logic, Java on Blue J…

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