Children's Day

Children’s Day, the most joyous occasion in the life of a student, is also the payback time of the Teachers Day. The children eagerly wait for the celebrations and the treats showered by the teachers.. Like every year, this year too THE MONTESSORI SCHOOL had planned a plethora of action to turn the 14th of November as one of the most memorable days for its students. Class 7th teachers helped their students prepare a beautiful bouquet of some smart performances comprising a play, song and dance and some funny quizzes. The entire school sat down in an orderly manner in the central ground to enjoy the wonderful presentation. The comedy play “Arjun ki Talaash” was the highlight of the day. The children enacted the roles to perfection and every twist in the story was cheered by the students. The girls presented a mesmerizing classical dance in Kathak with impeccable synchronisation. It was a sight to behold! The quiz rounds sent the entire school in frenzy. The girls posed seemingly easy yet pretty challenging queries to the students but the children were also smart enough to pick up the hints and earn prizes. The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it proved to be a day well spent. But the icing on the cake was the special treats planned by each class teacher for its students. Apart from bringing something special in their lunch boxes and sharing it with each other, the excitement was more about what the teacher has brought for them. The joy, the smile and the happiness on their faces is the motivation for any teacher to carry on with the noble task of imparting education.
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