Welcome By Principal

“Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the society as a whole”. It is noble opportunity of self growth and of the society.  The stature of an institution is not necessarily defined by elegance and expanse of its edifice. It is in fact created and sustained by the dedication and hard work of those who occupy its building. Writing to you from this glorious institution, I address you both as a parent and a teacher. Parent in me has always wanted the best for my child and I understand when you desire the same for yours. Every child that walks through the portals of this school is an inspiration. Their nimble intellects are adaptive, attentive and absorbent. To us each child represents a person with immense untapped potential. It is our resolve & duty to guide them on their journey of self discovery & development so that they should not have mere school for their lessons but a world whose guiding spirit is personal and permanent.

Individuals having diverse background carrying unique streaks of values, traditions and culture enter the portals of learning we put in our unrelenting effort in monitoring and metamorphosing these Uncut Diamonds into finer TMS Gems.

Let us remember that when we dream alone it remains a dream but when we dream together there is distinct possibility to turn our dreams into reality…

We Dream Big…… And work as a team to make our Dreams come True…!

It is the matter of contentment, the school has progressed in all fields, we celebrated our Journey from 1943 to 2018 (Glorious 75 Years)  as ‘Khushboo Meri  Mati  Ki ‘ amidst great mirth, verve and camaraderie that aimed at imparting lessons  on Indian Defense Forces ……

Check out the pictures at the Photo Booth…!

“As the history of the school has taught us, No Dream is too Big; No Vision is too Bold; as long as we stay hungry for Education and let that hunger be our North Star, there is nothing eagles, nothing that we cannot achieve”.

Finally I want to assure you That the management and our team of experienced teachers are doing there best to give your child the required edge to make his/her mark in the global world.

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