Curriculum / Academics is viewed as a tool which facilitate the facilitates the students to climb up the ladder of success. The curriculum includes programs and activities which are proposed to indoctrinate the academics as well as social traits among the students .Through every event conducted in the School. we try to plant a new seed of prosperity in the students . Events students a platform to learn and prepare themselves for life today and ahead.

The School year, which begins in April comprises of four terms April to June, July To Sept., and Senior School .The Junior School has three terms Aril to Sept. oct. to Dec. Jan to March.

Parents teacher meeting are held after each term to discuss the performance of the pupils. The interaction always helps leads to the improvement in all direction.

The course of studies followed leads to The Council for Indian School (I.C.S.E) All classes essentially study Eng. , Hindi., Moths. , S.S.T., Science, and Computer.

The Courses are planned such that students are offered a suitable combination of the courses for (I.C.S.E)

Group 'A' (Compulsory)Group 'B' (Any Two)Group C (Any One)
EnglishMathematicsComputer Application
HindiScience (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)Economics Application
History, Civics & GeographyEconomicsPhysical education
Commercial studies

Note:- The following combinations are not permitted for the ICSE Examination.

Economics (Group B) and Economics (Group C)Applications
Courses Offered for ISC (12)

Non Medical StreamsMedical StreamsCommerce Streams
English (Compulsory)English (Compulsory)English (Compulsory)
Computer Science / Hindi / EVSComputer Science / Hindi / MathsComputer Science / Hindi / Maths / EVS
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