A New Beginning...


The Montessori School, Dehradun commenced its new academic year 2023-24 from the 6th of April with children returning to their nest with such excitement just like birdies ready to take a new flight. So many new, eager, smiling, anxious faces.

A special morning assembly was drafted to welcome the old ones to the fold and to initiate the new students to the wonderful world of The Montessori School. Mr. Vivek, the music teacher, set the tone of the day by making the assembly sing some tracks dear to all the children alike and to put the little ones at ease followed by welcome speech by the Principal, Mrs. Shashi Gulati. Along with inspiring and encouraging words, she spoke on the need of hard work as the key to success, wished them very best to embark on a new academic journey.

Resonating the same sentiments, the Vice Principal, Mrs. Archana Mittal Ma’am read a self composed poem to motivate and inspire the students to a new chapter in their school. Eliza John of class XIIth too addressed the students to a new beginning and the importance of discipline and dedication and congratulated them for making it through successfully to the next class. 

And what actually set the entire school into motion was the FALL ALONG routine designed by Mr Manish, the dance teacher of the school which filled instant energy in the students. He made all them grove to simplest steps. The little ones thoroughly enjoyed it and were so happy to be the part of it. There could not have been a better beginning to the new session. The quote by the Principal ” IF WE DIG AND EXPLORE THE SECRET OF SUCCESS, THERE IS ONLY ONE MANTRA BEHIND IT THAT IS PATIENCE AND PERSEVERANCE ALONG WITH LOTS OF HARD WORK TILL THEY TASTE THE VICTORY” summarizes the dawn of the new academic year.

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