Basant Panchami & Republic Day Celebration

Basant Panchmi & Republic Day was celebrated on 26th Jan 2023

“My Country, right or wrong; if right, to be kept right and if wrong, to be set right”!

With this spirit the 73rd Republic Day was celebrated in the Montessori School. The students were so high on patriotism that the severe winter couldn’t damper their passion and determination to celebrate the occasion which marked the establishment of Indian constitution in 1950.

The day began with Saraswati puja on the occasion of Basant Panchmi. We celebrate this festival to get the blessings from goddess Saraswati. Students of classes 10th & 12th piled up their books in front of the deity earnestly seeking ma – saraswati’s blessings for academic excellence.

After the Saraswati puja, we began with the unfurling of the Tricolor by our Principal Mrs. Shashi Gulati followed by the National Anthem. The school choir sang ‘Hum Sab Bhartiya hein‘, along with few more songs on Patriotism and love of nation.

Then Prizes were distributed to the students for the activities done like Flower, Salad, and Rangoli competitions.

The programme ended with Prasad (Halwa) distribution to the students and the staff.

Thus, this year’s Republic Day celebration served as an awakening for the new generation and further instilled in us Patriotism and love for our country.

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