Flower, Salad & Rangoli Competition

“Art speaks where words are unable to explain”!

Various Activities like Flower, Salad, and Rangoli competition were conducted at The Montessori School for students of classes VI onwards.

The Flower arrangement Competition brought out the talent and creativity of the students.

The aesthetic sense of the students could be observed through various layouts that focused on different themes.

Students participated in salad competition exhibited their art of making dining table more tempting by adding taste and nutritious value to food cleanliness, safety and taste were the basic criteria for the presentation.

In Rangoli students participated with great zeal children put in lots of efforts and enthusiasm and came up with amazing ideas made beautiful & colorful designs in the Rangoli Competition.

The Main aim of school education Is the overall development of a child.

Participation in various competitions makes them more mindful, helps to develop a good understanding of time management. It also helps them to face every problem and find their solution and became more confident in handling academic and social difficulties considerably better.

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