Good Luck Party

What a strange paradox is Good Luck Party. Children are eager for it yet they part on sad notes. They sing, dance, enjoy and celebrate so many years of togetherness and companionship, amassing moments of life time memories and part with the promises of never losing those bonds and keeping in touch.
Last year corona had restricted us in many ways, so the Good Luck party was a much awaited and cherished affair. The day began with the host, class XI, according traditional welcome to the outgoing class XII with tilak and showering of petals. The seniors took blessings from the Principal of the school, Ms Shashi Gulati Ma’am along with the Vice Principal, Mrs. Archana Mittal Ma’am and the rest of the teachers. Then followed an array of scintillating performances by the juniors and some spunky n spicy comments for the seniors.
The cherry on the top of the day was the ramp walk where the children displayed ample confidence with the girls oozing loads of oomph while the boys being gallant and chivalrous metaphorically announcing the world that they were ready to take the big plunge. Titles like Most Diligent, Miss Charming, Mr. Tippy Toes n many others were awarded to the deserving students. The children clicked pics to trap the moments as forever memories winding the day with last minute guidance, heart felt blessings and best wishes form everyone in the faculty .

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