Science Exhibition

The Montessori school organised a Science Exhibition cum fete in the School premises on Sunday 21st May 2023 at 4:00p.m. Senior scientist Dr Barun Mukherjee from wadia Institute warthog chief guest and Mr.Tyagi Principal Col.Brown was guest of honor. The Exhibition was named as “Mighty chondrions sturdy Protons”
Energises Budding scientist into Learned Newtons. The School chairman Mr Vijay Khanna and chairperson BaalAyog,Dr.Geeta Khanna were also present at the Exhibition. Students from all the classes presented different types of working models which were related to different branches of science .They were DNA cell, Atomic structure, Hydraulic Dam ,water cycle Robotics ,Water fountain, Solar system, Smart City, Galvanic cell, Dynamo and many more .Different live experiments were also shown like Artificial snowfall ,Silica Garden, Volcanoes ,Adulteration, Distillation ,Electrolysis and many more .Our honorable guests along with principal surveyed the entire exhibition and also took details from the respective student about each of these models .All the parents were invited ,they all thoroughly enjoyd the event ,also visited eatable stalls and games stall .Simultaneously all students also performed on yogic science .The performance was appreciated by one and all.
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