The Class Decor Competition

After the vacations or rather after the pandemic and the unimaginably long sessions of online classes, the Class Decoration and Cleanliness Competition on 10th August, was probably the first major event of the school wherein each child got an opportunity to be part of something substantial. Moreover, it was planned immediately after the first Unit Tests of the academic session 2022-23 to allow the students to break free and unwind themselves of the tensions and apprehensions of their academic performance. It provided the much needed respite and the children took to it like a fish to water. Under the able guidance and supervision of their class teachers, they instantly immersed themselves in the class decor activities. They set about to beautify their classes in tandem with their chosen themes and aesthetics.

O the joy, the excitement, the flurry of activities that ensued for the next two days!!! It was a sight to behold. Such a mad rush! Two days seemed like very less time. There would be judges! Along with the monsoon showers, it rained ideas, suggestions, thoughts, plans; each child busy painting, colouring, cutting, setting, pasting ; scissors, glue, glitters, paint brushes, sheets, nails, tapes, boards etc etc etc; charts, cutouts, models, displays, collage, hangings everywhere; sharing, borrowing, helping, begging along with whines, complaints, amendments, arguments. The competition turned the whole school into a veritable beehive with everyone designated with some or other responsibility, the utmost being to keep the classes and school spic and span. Threats and fears of deadlines and promises of treats went hand in hand.

Obviously, there is always something left to be done even at the last moment, yet by the time the judges arrived, the students were able to wind up the decoration of their classes satisfactorily. The judges Dr. Basanti Mathpal and Mrs. Tamanna Mukherjee reviewed each class thoroughly for various categories and complimented the children for their collective efforts, focus and dedication. The competition proved to be a shining example of the unmitigable human spirit. It was successful in arousing in the students a sense of purpose, camaraderie, brotherhood and unity which seemed to be lost to the horrific Corona and the two years of lockdown. The school was so alive and ticking.

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