A Visit to the Museum at Wadia Institute

Visits are always beautiful and fill a person’s mind with joy and enthusiasm. But if that visit is educational and is focused on certain learning, then it provides an invaluable knowledge as well.

On 21.3.2023, our school arranged such a visit to the Science Museum of Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology located at 33, General Mahadeo Singh Road. As per plan, students assembled at School by 0900 AM. Later, once everything was in place, we started from school and along with students we reached Wadia institute by our school bus at around 1030AM. Our group comprised 23 students and two teachers. Dr. Barun Mukherjee, Sr Scientist at Wadia and In charge of the Museum took us to the Museum and explained the various scientific collections / records. Here we were shown various minerals, rocks and fossils collected from various sectors of the Himalayan Mountain. The rock samples included sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks. The minerals include quartz, calcite, dolomite, bauxite etc. The important fossils include remains of plants, wood and animals and marine organisms. This museum is famous for its records of fossils from Elephant, Giraffe, Hippopotamus, horse and ancient apes that the students could observe. A Geological Clock is also displayed in the Corridor of the Museum which displays the various Geological Time recorded in the Earths History.

Our next visit was to the Seismology Laboratory where self-explanatory models of Earthquake along with Seismograph were displayed. It deals with varied aspects of Earthquake such as origin, causes, occurrences; earthquake belts of the Earth. Also self-explanatory exhibits of glaciers, landslide, flash floods, volcanoes were on display. The seismograph is used for recording any tremor exerted by the Earth. This is one of the most important facilities available at Wadia Institute. Himalayas is seismically very active and prone to earthquakes. This facility is useful for detection of any earthquake. The students were very happy and listened to the scientists very curiously.
On behalf of our school, we thanked and expressed gratitude to the Director, Wadia, Dr Barun Mukherjee, Sr Scientist and his colleagues for arranging the wonderful visit and nicely explaining during our visit to the Museum and Laboratory in the Wadia Institute.

Two teachers, Mrs. Mausumi Mahanti and Mr. Lalit Som, guided the students during this visit to Wadia Institute.

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